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August 26
Crowdsourcing an Office365 Migration

​This post was written by Andrew Clark; copypasting here.

Last session we broke the crowd into manageable teams and went through an exercise of planning for an on-premises to O365 migration. The two competing teams stayed until 9pm sharing their tactics for a successful migration. The thought sharing, camaraderie and team building brought a new angle to the user group. We are going to follow that recipe for the next session September 10th. 
The group is growing, bring your ideas, practices, and skills to New Horizons Burbank at 630pm. We'll be starting sharply on time so don't be late.
Check out the Announcements page and the site for more information.


October 11
Content is king! User Group Review


IMG_1869 IMG_1872 IMG_1873


October SPUG

Last Tuesday (October 9th), we had our SharePoint User Group Meeting with Chris McNulty from Dell. Chris has been working with SharePoint for a very long time (10 years!) and dishing out his knowledge all around the U.S. So, it we were certainly lucky to have him speak at our SPUG and give us some good background and demo's on SharePoint 2010's ECM (Enterprise Content Management) capabilities. I've attached some pictures to this post from the meeting. He also had some swag from Quest Software including notepads, magic 8-balls, and mugs. You can find the presentation by clicking this link.

Erick Pitsker won SharePoint 2010 Consultants Handbook authored by Chris McNulty. You can get an e-book version for free by visiting: This was our first meeting at the new location (New Horizons, Burbank) and I think it worked out well. hanks to everyone for attending and participating.

November SPUG

As we stated at the last meeting, there will be no meeting in November. Several user group members will be attending the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. For anyone NOT attending, here's my advice. Attend. The SharePoint Conference is the most valuable conference for SharePoint professionals. Besides all the new/unreleased knowledge, you'll have access to experts from around the world, access to the top SharePoint vendors, and many social events to network and help boost your career. Time's running out and hotels are getting booked so sign up soon!

If you just can't make it, you can follow along on twitter using the #SPC12 hashtag and follow @SFVSharePoint for useful links. Finally, we'll try to do a review in December or January of everything we learned.

December SPUG

We'll have our next scheduled meeting in December (December 11th) at the New Horizons Learning Center in Burbank. If I'mnot on the road, I plan to do a quick Microsoft products demonstration: The new Office, SharePoint 2013, Microsoft Surface and maybe Windows Phone 8 with the goal of showing how these products integrate well to help people get their work done easier and faster.

Finally, we'd like to host a Holiday Mixer, like we've done for the past 2 years, if enough people are interested. Reply on our board if you're interested and send us  your ideas. Ideally, we want a short user group meeting and then start the party either at New Horizons or a location within walking distance.

Future SPUGs

Finallly, a note on user groups for 2013. We're looking for speakers, presenters, and topics. Most importantly, many of you have told us you'd like more business scenario/solution discussion on SharePoint. I'd like to ask that each of you think about doing a presentation, it can be as short as 10 minutes or as long as the full hour for our normal presentations. I will (and I bet Nedra will too) help out working on your presentation. This is your SPUG, and your involvement is critical to our growth and success.

As always, feel free to reach out to me through the boards or directly by email,

February 09
#SFVSPUG Talks Social and Metadata

I normally don't write about my SharePoint User Group meetings, but we had a really good presentation last night. The San Fernando Valley SPUG hosted Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet) as he presented "The Connection Between Metadata, Social Tools, and Personal Productivity."

One feedback item from our member survey a few months ago was that our presentations were too focused on technology and not enough on the business. So, this presentation made perfect sense. In fact, Christian pointed out early on, that his presentation had very little to do with SharePoint.

The best quote of the evening and the reason for this post was this:

"Social is just a layer of search that provides context."

That may seem like an obvious statement once you've heard it but it is thought-provoking as well. It's one of the best ways to describe exactly what "Social" means for SharePoint.

In fact, if you think about it, the statement is true regardless of platform and its even truer outside the intranet. On the internet, there's so much data and so many ways to access the data, no one can keep up. Without context, that data is meaningless. However, if a computer system knows me, my behaviors, my colleagues, it can better guess what I'm looking for.

In the most simplistic form it means knowing I want to look at a car, not an insect when I search for "beetle." Or in the corporate world, knowing that I'm looking for Visio diagrams of computer systems when I search for "architecture," not AutoCAD drawings of buildings.

If metadata powers relevant search, then this layer of "Social" provides perhaps the most important piece of metadata: you.

What do you think?

Christian Buckley:

Links to SFVSPUG:

August 30
[Free eBook] Microsoft Office 365: Connect and Collaborate Virtually Anywhere, Anytime

Featured SharePoint SiteHere is a pretty cool free eBook Microsoft Office 365: Connect and Collaborate Virtually Anywhere, Anytime by Katherine Murray. Katherine Murray has been writing articles and best-selling books about Microsoft Office in all its flavors since it was first released. She’s taught hundreds of thousands of Office users how to be productive (and creative) in Microsoft Word 2010 Inside Out, Microsoft Office 2010 Plain & Simple, and Microsoft Word 2010 Plain & Simple.

Subscribe to the SharePoint Newsletter to see other articles like this. And remember to join us on September 14th, 2011 at the Sherman Oaks Galleria. See you there!

June 14
Office Web Apps - June 14, 2011 Presentation - Kevin Marshall

​Kevin Marshall, from Green Dot Public Schools makes his case for why organizations should be deploying Office Web Apps into their SharePoint 2010 environment.

Click on the image below to see the slideshow:



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About this blog
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